Some Mornings They Woke in an Entirely Other Flesh

James Tadd Adcox & Robert Kloss

My Intentions
Photographic, in a way, healthy as black ash. Sabotage, tonguelessness. A book of matches. Miriam buried to her neck, irretrievable, and James crawling across the yellow mud on his belly. I did not burn this one.

Sockets, her gums, a fashion much the same as memory. A buck knife or what he called a Bowie knife.

The Terror
Cussing and behind them, a speck in the fields. Up to his haunches in water turned to steam. At my chest, tantalizing. In their usual fashion, sometimes Miriam was James, sometimes a blowtorch, the sour poison crusted to their cheeks. I carried a loaf of white bread, James managed to scrounge canned goods, extra sackfuls of corn, beans, peas, rice, tomato sauce. Like Donald Trump the blood cooling and opening and closing to the sky.

Black Ash
The blood photographic in memory, much the same as a buck knife or what he called Miriam. My chest, healthy as a blowtorch, cooling and opening. Tonguelessness turned to steam in their usual fashion: irretrievable, tantalizing, poison.

James Tadd Adcox's first book, The Map of the System of Human Knowledge, is forthcoming in 2012 from Tiny Hardcore Press. He lives in Chicago, where he is a founding editor of Artifice Magazine.

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