Mark Cunningham

Air pressure, distance, landscape formations, pre-existing thought structures, unconscious impulses, emotional drag, red shift, passage of time: no two yee haws can be identical. Even though they towered sixty feet over my head, the thing's baggy knees tipped me off it was just a normal-sized guy in a monster suit. Ten tons of smoldering rubble later, we discovered the Eskimo word for watchamacallit had been mistranslated as thingamajig. She bought the country a dream catcher to make up for everything, and then we photoshopped the breeze to get it to look right. We told Pluto it wasn't a planet, so there. I can't feel my left arm, so I must be larger than life.

Mark Cunningham has three books out: 80 Beetles (Otoliths), Body Language (Tarpaulin Sky), and 71 Leaves (an ebook, BlazeVOX). A new book, specimens, is forthcoming from BlazeVOX.