I Turned My And Into Sand

Ricky Garni

And it destroyed my vacation.
Not in the usual way: I still went.
But I had to fly to avoid the oceans
and deserts that I predicted with my
sand. And by fly, I do mean fly, with
wings, my wings, that are golden
and warm like french fries in the
sand. I think I will go to the sky
that's a good place to relax, I said,
away from the predictable, and into
the and

Ricky Garni is a graphic designer living in Carrboro, North Carolina. His work can be found in EVERGREEN REVIEW, CAMEL SALOON, USED FURNITURE REVIEW, ORION HEADLESS and other places. His latest work, LANA CANTRELL, is an internet hit. He didn't know that many people knew her, but now he knows that many people do or would like to.