5 January Poems

Billy Cancel

smeared in 3-d   from recent escape   tempo.   rain shrub   blue mustard
reasons i came.   was desert setting determined runner   fixed object.   full
of mould gathering moss   around abandoned ship.   upon the road   a false
knight   i met.   black gate red grass biting grey underscore.   lit dry ice
stayed   at entry level.   from the chorus   in flames back   to the bathroom
calendar   with my apex   short of tide line   & still the start in view.   even
in swamphood   contenders there are   traditional hunting songs   you hear
them on the tapeworm   each dancing component   has a ghost dance patron
the sexy retrograde   a parasite overlap   house of consequence hornet's nest
remix   went bash went flat win downgraded   your life will change   this film

a little sweet 'n' low upon the knife's mouth? plug-in echo i don't much
like the look of the spread of the range of your vector safer-spires-spore-
linear-foreclosure-motion son. mono in & out out & in & do not borrow
or lend salt because their picture upside down. memory getting used to
proceeding where it used to follow hogs let loose to feed upon remainders.
what riveting make-out session amongst undernourished? a silver thread
attached to each leg behind the clouds the classification yard. simplest
means of protection is to limit exposure not resuscitation's tightest mask.
sweet little prism snapper, honey glaze, largest ink cap we have an issue
here horizontal depth trading residues insert your own laugh hail detroit.

jaggedges fused joints things bound & lashed the agitated
camera gritters throughout the night futility clichés systems
of hesitation all our gifts smeared as such small blue painting
on the right wall of the first room down the hall three square
neon signs in their resealed boxes a complex game a witty
game the dividing of tensions within a wholesale challenge
upon steep black cliff face tiny blue light climbs envelopes
us a sequence of discolored blocks fall one by one upon a
featureless white surface & are immediately absorbed a most
welcome other amidst such distraction a lowering of anxieties

days after north now yellow square green edge x-rated autumn unmoved
rootless men. their demi-god absentees viva cropped ornamentals. bird of
paradise vs. black & whiter live at swollen gland. 4-4-2 4-3-3 4-5-1 i don't
want to get overrun. in deep sanctuary were whistling clocks worse the calls
& response of scorpions & hook. no set-piece combustion or accessible guide
to power-ups. post-crash in thought the majority weren't so fond of the double
take. laughing boy in your white facilitated box you're gonna be just another
one cut in the dark. not slow this trajectory to less proofread shipwrecks. in
paradox park i diffused mono-stream. maggot maggot on the floor who is that
lost framed in apple moss? feeding frenzy get well card same time next year.

beneath harmonic ranch not curveball launched into wonderland's
yolk but unlit birth on tow path down mercury canal please excuse
the pencil i have to start everywhere am blue capsule on black red
capsule on grey in the night rain an unsteady cyclist was promised
the polythene wrap in your mouth but drinking with thoroughbreds
helps me forget rosewater sloshing about the iron lung what the hell
was your status level pre-robbery? am pink capsule on wood wooden
capsule in the king's head no one remembers us a shadow led a figure
around the old phosphate plant a busy night for the rescue service am
blue capsule on black red capsule on grey i have to start everywhere

Billy Cancel is a Charleston based poet/performer. He has been widely published in both the US (including Lungfull!, Fact-Simile, 6x6, 580 Split, Indefinite Space) as well as publications in the UK, Canada & Australia. Billy performs in the poetry/noise band Farms & self-publishes through Hidden House Press. A collection The Autobiography Of Shrewd Phil was published by Blue & Yellow Dog Press in September 2010.