Elegy for the Analog Lore

Brian Laidlaw

assimilate and annihilate are two possibilities
echo is an otherwise woman

populations will shun her at the drop of a trouser or the lift
of a leg.  come with her mount-

wards she sees the beyond the beyond

satyrs were tossing parts of an animal body
into a whole

in wasn't overflowing just approaching a meniscus
like a pie crust or an earth's crust


the sun on its pony mainline leaps
from behind a vault & vaults up out of it

apostles & gospels didn't have flights of fancy
they had flights of business casual

glides through treetops
the christian christmas hermitage of clone conifers & firs


here is an editor's shed to deaden your edits
to repay your debt to your dead in

living hand-to-mouth meant getting used
to getting punched in the harelip

& mouth-to-mouth resurrection of love meant
repetition, aka a revival of violence


slandering down the mount like a roundabout sinai she asks
how much are those tablets like headstones

& however does whoever assimilate & annihilate them so soundly
assimilate & annihilate them so soundlessly

Brian Laidlaw is a poet and folksinger from Northern California, now taking root in Minneapolis, Minnesota. He teaches songwriting at McNally Smith College of Music and his poems are forthcoming in New American Writing, VOLT, The Iowa Review and elsewhere. More news, tour dates and contact information are available at www.brianlaidlaw.com.