Gay Earth Mother

Lucas de Lima

Why cry at pornos? Because playgrounds disintegrate, lacking fluffers. Causing childlessness.

"If Jesus were alive he'd chill with us."

My body pretending. It lies straight when I babysit.

Murky lakes, like small cocks, fascinate kids today. Who fall into my chest & its hallways.

Hug. While lakeside trees tilt back to the ground.

Trending teen suicide.


Here's the sadness of turbulence: the rim job my son never got to enjoy. Willing & airbone.

Though we sought relief from dramatic white sheets, owls didn't soar into his bedroom.

Please stand in contrast with the flatness of grief. Inside this book.

"You must yield to the entire funeral procession."

His name, if you didn't know, was a homophobic birdcall. We invited wind when we rode, two abreast.

Lucas de Lima is an MFA candidate at the University of Minnesota. He blogs with several collaborators at