Andrew Borgstrom

White heard it turn even. While heavy in turned even. Heard even and read done. It turned. Turned under rot now. Even veiled, even now. White heard it, listened even. Heavy even and veiled yet. In now. Turned under rot, now even done. Even veiled even, now. Heard even, and rot done. Even, veiled even now. And now done. Read even and done. Done over now even. It, turned. Turned under, rot now, evening done. Turned under, rot now, even done. Under, now done, even rot. Rot over, turned. Now over worms. Even, veiled, even, now. Veiled even now, turned even done. Even veiled evened now. Now over, worms. While heavy in turned evening. Heard evening and read done. It turning. Listened, insides still turning, even now even done. Even veil even now. Heavy even, and veiled yet. Even veiled, evening now. And now done. Veiled evening now, turned even done. Yet evenings turn. In, now. Now on worms. Turned under rot now, evening done. Under, now done, evened rot. Rot over turned. Now, on worms. Even veil evened now. Done over now, evened.

Andrew Borgstrom is the author of Black.