black children women & men march on heaven white

Ken Baumann

plain, all forty thousand sloping down and lifting their arms in regular to fight falling forward, its a bowl

in the main tent on the deck line they sweat in brims, the porous man lifts and goes order forty million up, its a days rise until they reach this deck line, and they will be lifting, so forty million begin to grow up out of the bottom conical, buds with mewling heads and soft

in the dirt slide the forty thousand, lilting down the hill at an enormous and cavernous way, flock into streams and stretch, bend and form sines that then go from each other and crest, barrels of feet all lifting

on the mid deck, further from the deck line, goes the negligible take half the swat of the conical bulbs and beat them back into a mush near brimmed, lift them in remainders, then plant in place secret leaves or lilting fingers and toes of the sine waves, non flocked, his go out and place their arms in basket holds and scoop the bottom back

in the large white bending some crests of hill slopers come against each other in small terminus, caution bumping, and raise hazard at each kick against forward info, tribeless they go do think the the bottom is all information as the tents are, and, curves up past all deck lines because its in their notice to plank still and let

pious man clotures the tool men as they stand, nor waiting, goes i am the fittest and can not be coned, or lilted, so, goes heed me

threats instill around the company basket holds, gets between dirt and arms, and is noted then attempted batted

a particular and strong mass and geese of down come goes there is rumor, in unison, and their arms flit and down up in unison, better stable

more noticed, as the deck line wardens try to straighten the never bare non line at their bottoms

rumor piles up but basket pulled continues

the pious man sees a four year, goes tell the cross men to keep a proto line across a wide sw-amp, and is hopped

no politburo or blenching

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