Douglas Piccinnini

The large, engrged ld man felt underwhelmed when he saw the ugly child whm everyne wished t abuse, whm everyne tried t lure tward cnflict; that ugly creature, s calcitic, like himself, the large ld man, and, like him als, a bred ffering.

And he apprached the child, wishing t slap at him, the child, s t wake him.

But transfixed, the child did nt struggle against the sting f the brad hand delivered by the awful large man, and this exchange lived in an upstairs rm, like an incurius cugh.

Then the awful large man retreated int his bitter dium and in his rm, alne, he, t himself, installed a quiet hrrr int his bdy.

Douglas Piccinnini's writing has appeared in West Wind Review, Boog City, elimae, Lana Turner, Jacket, Verse, and the Apocalypse Anthology (Flying Guillotine Press). He lives in Brooklyn, NY and curates the CROWD Reading Series.