Andrew Borgstrom

Black listened, another curved knife. Bent level and curved knife. Listened in seconds, turned even now, even done. Another now, over there, her, even rots. Curved under rot, vented, even done. Knife now, in filtered even. Black, even now, turned. Listened, even vent, even listened. Another now done. Curved under, rot vented even, done. Knifed now, in filtered even. Listened in seconds, turned even now, even done. In now. Seconds even curved, over now, done seconds. Turned under rot now, even done. Even vent, even now. Now over worms. Even vent even, now. Done over now, even. Another now, over there, her even rots. Now over, worms. Over vent, even rot. Turned her earlier rot, even. Her even rot. Evened vent, evened now. Rots over turned seconds. Curved, under rot vented, even done. Under now, done, even rot. Rots over there. Vented even now, turned, even done. Even vented, evened now. Done, over now, even. Knife, now in, filtered even. Now on worms. In, now. Filtered in, listened, turned, even rot, even done. Evened vent, even now. Bent, level and curved, knifed. Even vent, evened now. Now, on worms. Turned under, rot now even, done. Listened, in seconds turned even, now even, done. Even vent even now. Vented even now, turned.

Andrew Borgstrom can be found in the Matted Welcome Desert.