I Summer Slam© You XVII

Albert Abonado

     after "Power Bow" Knee Rodeo

I do not Summer Slam© you as if you were the People's Elbow™ or Spinebuster™,
or Brett "the Hitman" Hart of the Sharpshooter™ shoots off.
I Summer Slam© you as certain dark things are to be Summer Slammed,
in secret, between the WWE and the TNA.

I Summer Slam© you as the Batista that never power bombs
but moonsaults in itself the Mr. Socko of Mankind;
clothesline to your Summer Slam© a certain solid John Cena,
eye rake from the Razor's Edge™, knee drops darkly in my body.

I Summer Slam© you without piledriving how, or when, or from where.
I Summer Slam© you straightforwardly, without headbutts or chair shots;
so I Summer Slam© you because I piledrive no other way

than this: where I elbow smashes not dropkicks, nor you,
so close that Jake the Snake Roberts on my DDT™ is my DDT™,
so close that your Razor Ramon sleeper holds as I pin asleep.

Albert Abonado lives in Rochester, NY. He is currently in the process of finishing his MFA at the Bennington Writing Seminars and hopes to be done in January 2010. His work has been published in Rattle and The Hazmat Review and forthcoming in Anti-.