The Uncountry Discovered

Jeff Crouch


Are you making an analogy?

From the beauty pageant to the walk of fame,
Celebrated, as though an eternal name, and yet the prom,
Its vote to privilege, where king and queen return
During halftime—

Yes, trees make up forests.

For Platonists are not concerned with the historical (accidental) truth ... since they are exclusively interested in the philosophic (essential) truth. Only because public speech demands a mixture of seriousness and playfulness, can a true Platonist present the serious teaching, the philosophic teaching, in a historical, and hence playful, garb.

Headline to the dateline.
Dateline to the crime.

a cabaret, the noise spins.

justice as another lie, perhaps the greatest one, of difference be assured.

Don't talk about Socrates as if he were your friend.

the truth is an accident.

"Naked," the mark of an innocent.

practice good manners, naïveté.

naked he was running, running, running
wild he was
the raw night raw

innocence, idiocy, accident ...
serve what?
serve others, serve

the tennis ball

truth as rational utterance
truth than as a means of maintaining power
and no difference

between them, nothing

wearing a watch
a watch that has stopped
wearing my watch
lest I feel naked
looking at my wrist
for my watch

this something or this nothing

my truth, our truth,
which is it of a sudden
no longer ticking

What is peace?

Funny you should ask

instead, truth is what you make it.
Instead, instead

Defend us from.

when Kantian angles don't Euclid up

political being

From The Center for Population Determination, A Dialogue

We're not dealing with a "universalized" individual. We're dealing with a person as an amalgam. An amalgamated person belongs to different groups. We're looking for the priorities in that person's decision making process. The weighted index.

Which ethics win out?

Sort of. We are concerned with which values win out. The group behavior defines the ethics of the group—sometimes, not as advertised, but even hypocritically, the group defines its own ethics. Yet the group itself has its own value to an individual. And we're not looking at specific people per say. We're looking at groups— people in this group do this this percentage of the time. The behavior priority is already encoded in the index for the identified group.


People are herd animals, but which herd of cattle, school of fish, flock of geese, ... they identify with is critical to understanding their herd instincts. From outside a group, it's easy enough to stereotype all the people within the group, but the behavior of the people that constitute any given group may diverge radically.

It's wrong to stereotype.

Yes, but our reasons for not stereotyping at the The Center for Population Determination are not the usual ones.

Are we dealing with a democratic being?

We are dealing with percentage behavior. Meaning, pocket coherence, group encodings.

For example, Catholics who vote pro-choice?

Yes. The value sum.


The practice of social dissociation

fragmenting ethical standards


morality is ethics from
the other
Henry David Thoreau
O, brother!

The Central Committee.

What did you mean by saying in "Make Believe Town" that all crimes are possible in the all-possible future? The future doesn't exist. If you keep saying we have to do something because of the future, if you boil it down, it means we have to do this now because I'd like you to. The future is a mythical construct in which there's no strife. So what the politicians say is that if you do X, Y and Z now, you can have that beautiful future in which there is no strife. It's the same thing as saying if you get rid of the Jews, or the blacks, or the gays, all the strife will be gone. As somebody said, all great crimes are committed in the name of public tranquility. To ensure peace, I have to annex the Sudetenland. To ensure peace with honor, I have to stay in Vietnam. To ensure the tranquility of this town, we have to get rid of all the black Americans. It's a confidence trick for taking power. (Richard Covington Interview with David Mamet., SALON | Oct. 24, 1997.)

mother fuzzy universal fuzz

how to divide and conquer
by assimilating us

demographics practiced

Our royals—not of title, but of rank,
Want us to pay for it—"pay for it" is the cry,
the demeanor, the tone, one of worship.

Needs laughter of the Bahktinian type

We are the empire.
But we have no emperor,
Clothed or unclothed

the problem with time travel—
someone stole the patent

and when "The Emperor's New Clothes" does not have "honesty" as its moral?

an act of libertarianism.
that frees the people from
obligation to be clothed

animals and their camouflage?

And false gods.

and Hannah Arendt's Adolf Eichmann?

when other communities destroyed his,
never shifted his allegiance

Nazi spies and Nazi scientists?

Wernher von Braun, Walter Dornberger, Arthur Rudolph.

the United States

The Eichmann trial becomes the story—
albeit no longer a fairy tale—
of "The Little Red Hen"?

Something like knowing if you have no friends.

A Dialogue from the Committee of Dialogues

But Albert Speer?

Notice the difference of opinion in the communities that had him on trial.

The Russians wanted death.

And Speer himself wanted to be able to join a new community—hence, his guilt.

His values shifted to meet the values of his group.

Refusing the oppressor?

What about the environ?

That too in so far as what constitutes the environ is a formulation of the group

Escaping this road into this desert.
Escaping this road into this desert.

Escaping this road into this desert.
Escaping this road into this desert.

From the Golden Parachute Committee, A Dialogue

We may have a problem we can't solve with money.

The thieves do not betray the emperor so much as tell him where his power resides: in his subjects.

Should the emperor walk naked among his subjects?

The thieves commit a very simple kind of treachery: they expose the emperor as one of their own?

It's the reverse today. The CEO walks away with a few million and the workers have to concede pay cuts.

Win the lotto corporate America style.

Golden parachute.

That "Take Back Your Vacation" commercial is brilliant.

I once worked for a company that decided to steal a whole week's vacation from me.

Could you do anything?

Couldn't find a lawyer to help me.

Who made the rich and famous more famous, richer?

lightning in the garage,
the gamble done,
the dice flash brightly—

the zero sum.

When win, win, win, but lost or won

the Gauleiter structure in place?
A feat of will, will stand, and standing there, will on.

Yet incident only incident.

I'd give you life if you'd live.

The Black Stork

getting ugly

       And on the young men, surely, those who excel in war and other pursuits we must bestow honors and prizes, and, in particular, the opportunity of more frequent intercourse with the women, which will at the same time be a plausible pretext for having them beget as many of the children as possible. ...
. . [T]he offspring of the inferior, and any of those of the other sort who are born defective, they will properly dispose of in secret, so that no one will know what has become of them.
       That is the condition ... of preserving the purity of the guardians' breed.
       They [the officials assigned this task] will also supervise the nursing of the children, conducting the mothers to the pen when their breasts are full, but employing every device to prevent anyone from recognizing her own infant.

Twilight Zone: "Eye of the Beholder"

Let prejudice be a greater tool.

For the movements gone.

Just say no.

Let the "He Hate Me" and "You Hate Me" and "Anti-Me" prevail.

W-a-i-t! W-a-i-t! W-a-i-t!

It's name is beauty, the evil will.


Tiananmen Tank

To no avail.

THEREFORE, BE IT ENACTED BY THE GENERAL ASSEMBLY OF THE STATE OF INDIANA, that on and after the passage of this act it shall be compulsory for each and every institution in the state, entrusted with the care of confirmed criminals, idiots, rapists and imbeciles, to appoint upon its staff, in addition to the regular institutional physician, two (2) skilled surgeons of recognized ability, whose duty it shall be, in conjunction with the chief physician of the institution, to examine the mental and physical condition of such inmates as are recommended by the institutional physician and board of experts and the board of managers. If in the judgment of this committee of experts procreation is inadvisable, and there is no probability of improvement of the mental and physical condition of the inmate, it shall be lawful for the surgeons to perform such operation for the prevention of procreation as shall be decided safest and most effective.

The pig-faced people
Shriek to find
Her pig face ruined

Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.

Snow White's mum. Trotsky in New York City.

Shut up and live!

eugenics, Haiselden, Tay-Sachs, marriage, breeding, Amalekites, favor, Plato, Darwin, Chamberlain, Spencer, Cold Springs Harbor Laboratory, discipline, neonatal, "the Defective League in formation," 1950s, AFB, Nurse Mildred Ratched, vasectomy, The Jukes, which one the needle, Galton, amniocentesis, chorionic villus sampling, terminate, prevent, Pioneer Fund, Alfred Rosenberg, genetic counseling, biological court, Dor Yeshorim, "Do not have unhealthy children unnecessarily!", accept compulsory sterilization, Eindeutschung, abortion, American Breeders Association, Herrenrasse, Lebensborn, "will not mix or blend" ..., popular science

New and improved.

Or worse, what higher did you find among the philosophies of unkind?

—inside the incident room—

Put down the camera
Become the photo-op
Unlearn the spectator
Be your own cop

sooner or later or better than never else

my head hurts: next

The vast majority of Americans are confident that the system of values which animates our society—the principles of freedom, tolerance, the importance of the individual, and the supremacy of reason over will—are valid and more vital than the ideology which is the fuel of Soviet dynamism. Translated into terms relevant to the lives of other peoples—our system of values can become perhaps a powerful appeal to millions who now seek or find in authoritarianism a refuge from anxieties, bafflement, and insecurity.

My people who are of the air, and this earth is not their belonging.

Bring back the bones and ash and hair and teeth
Of the death the civilization bequeathed.

As for the so-called rogue states that are not inhibited in their actions by the consensus of world opinion, the United States would be wise to eliminate their nuclear capabilities with the preemptive use of our conventional weapons — when necessary, and when we have unambiguous indication of these countries' intent to use their nuclear capability for purposes of aggrandizement.
The same principle should apply to any threat emanating from unstable states with nuclear arsenals. By simply having our intelligence services "read their mail," we can tell if there is compelling reason to take preemptive action.
Why would someone who spent so many years negotiating with the Soviet Union about the size of our nuclear arsenal now say we no longer need it? I know that the simplest and most direct answer to the problem of nuclear weapons has always been their complete elimination. My "walk in the woods" in 1982 with the Soviet arms negotiator Yuli Kvitsinsky at least addressed this possibility on a bilateral basis. Destruction of the arms did not prove feasible then, but there is no good reason why it should not be carried out now.

Americans are confident—
Refuging from anxieties, bafflement, ...
Substitute (next ... ) for Soviet.

Committee on the Present Danger,
Watch Red Dawn—think partisan.
"The majority is always wrong."

"Cause you might get run over
Or you might get shot."

We only need other people to have weapons.
Team B.
Verein fuer Frieden durch Kraft.

diplomatic no less raw then ax
when relations begin to thaw out
or in all and all in all and

get some exercise, that would be nice

"Get off the computer and get a life."
that injunction from the wife

television, melted ice

in a blitz of pixels, wolf and forest

yet no arrow,
flight of sparrow,
no bullet, the bill.

in Congress now

I have shot mine arrow o'er the house,
And hurt my brother.

Jeff Crouch is a writer in Grand Prairie, Texas. Google him.