A Casual Acquaintance of Vast Importance

Daniel Gallik

I told them I was working on material I did not understand. They were tolerant enough to know not to ask me many questions about what I was saying. They listened. Not too, too much. But they listened. I said, where I go I go. It seems very dark. But is not. Early in the morning before the sun questions the darkness. It is like you know it will be daybreak but you do not know when. But you know it is coming soon.

A boy said out loud in a quiet fashion, I am with you now. I will provide you with safety. I know you want to hesitate. But go into the void. The boy was not born yet. He knew so much. I listened to him and traveled. Oh, these decisions. They make me stop to think. When you should not. Preaching to myself helped me dig deeper into the ether realm. I felt now all of them were watching me, protecting me, helping me be the death I wished for. The death that would be the perfect death. Presently, I started touching stones.

A girl lisped, go now and touch me too.

That is all she needed to say. Mistakingly I had touched her before. I was supposed to be touching infinity. Just touching it, not making love to it. Now I knew it was an error. The thought made me smile. As if death was a mistake. I started to talk to my being in this state, I feel I am holy. I feel I am ready to travel. To your place—oh, God! Now that I am on this journey I am in your darkness that is true light.

It is before. And I feel it is right. Its depth is a surface that is thick and limber, and full of you. I hope it is fine. I feel safe. Thank you. Christ's depth is his death. I feel I want to be him. I know I am asking too much. But please, just a little. Please. Now. I. Go. I. Go. With. The. Feeling. Of. Forgiveness. I. Am. Here.

Now, as quickly I am away. But that brief, brief moment is what makes me feel part of the whole. And that I need not fear anything God tells me in his silence. Go now, he keeps directing me. And I do. What. He says to do. His smile with me has become my smile with him.

I feel I am outside in his rain and it is nourishing me. My roots have flowed deeper into God. But I am only stable with him. Not with others. Still, I smile.

Such, the gift. There I said. It. Now, have the courage to publish something that may not be real. I ask you, do you have any guts? Or are you worried you will offend somehow the entire earth? Hell, sometimes I just don't understand this God thing, this Jesus thing, this trying to get the meaning of the world thing. I keep going after it. Though.

Daniel Gallik has had poetry & short stories published on the internet and many other journals such as Hawaii Review, A.I.M., PARABOLA, NIMROD, LIMESTONE (U. of Kentucky), THE HIRAM POETRY REVIEW, AURA (University of Alabama) & WHISKEY ISLAND (Cleveland State University). His first novel, A Story Of Dumb Fate is available at publishamerica.com. LINN'S POEMS will be put out in 2009 by deepcleveland.com. Check out some chapters of his work at www.danielgallik.com