The Old Romanish (A Catechism)

Richard Parks

Fingering stagnant cheap nineties-era dusty Walmart blind he followed the old Romanish's outside pass.

Shuffle, shuffle. That creaking gait, cragged face. Over that split sidewalk. Old Romanish takes time.

When old Romanish shuffles his upper, inner thighs feel what?

Shuffle of thrift-store blue docker slacks against tattered drawers, them against those upper inner thighs.

Watcher fingered the blind-settled dust slowly, index and middle digits in a confused drunk avuncular wave—ref. recent family wedding reception dance in San Diego, crying slow tears of Amaretto Sour at the open bar-closed moonset. Less melancholy, less a moon now. Just doing that oobie-doobie finger dance with the dust. Up on them blinds. Sexual finger, raped dust. Watcher followed that old Romanish, yeah. Old Romanish's side-view had his finger, yeah, but split-handed of mind.

With the shuffling pace, the grade of concrete, preoccupied as old Romanish is with the flaxen newspaper clippings at rest in his chambers and half-minded magazine crosswords, the proximity of Queen Anne structures to each other, what profile did old Romanish strike against the cheap nineties-era Walmart blind-crossed backdrop with what weather?

Tiny potato stop-motion grandpa still 'gainst the San Francisco early-day overcast. cardigan cold.

In the blind glare of early-day San Fran fog, cragged-up potato face Romanish ceased his shuffle, hearing a tune discharged from what window?

The regions of a breathless Roman face overlapped in a Venn diagram smile only a mother could love, so broken was it in his eightieth year with weather spots and solid-layered Mexican tans. Split a face carrying eyes that wax myopically at the faint tune. Smiling at the thought: see the music.

Which was the more pleasant overlap—the blinds and the scene, the phone wires or electric cable bus wires, the puffy Mexican face regions?

So much, so much, so much my heart overflew.

With the release of this text, Richard Parks also announces the release of a new EP of original songs, titled, The Abjective Bio-Linked EP. Please listen to/download the tracks here, here, and here.