Daniel Powell

ah, a gifty shifty ramp appeared, was used for
jumping his tite tricycle over the average motorcade
into the fuckpit with the other dirty delusionistas
kinky streamers flying everywhere, some laquered up real fancy like
bumping ears with the cuntish, bluntish fandanglers
wednesday nights, attempting to get smoothed over acceptably

(he would later look back at this time as his "drippy" years)

oh but then the magma cooled
a good shape! basalt, so it was smoother, easier on the fingertips
enough mass, respectable solid mass
beauty steams eternal
and fresh
but still,
still prodded by that questioning dwarf in the old dreams trunk

"is it better to be left dangling, or just hanging?"

Daniel Powell is a student at Syracuse University, where the weather keeps him cryogenically preserved. Visit his blog at