Adam Moorad

Yoko's pulling her sweater tight across the chest since the boys are looking and cooking and blasting on the sidewalk and in the alley, she likes them looking and doing what they're doing, because she wants to be a real rebel too. Cheating Daddy quit paying the rent when he found her in the hamper smelling his dirty shirts and he spit in her ear and spanked her for being mighty friendly with the junky boys and girls who steal from the clinics and eat in the soup lines, who call it art school then call it Dada then call it avant-guarde then call it Dadadada. She roams the Bowery looking for painters and poets and fairies and flowers and beads and finds scabs on their knees and calluses on their hands and shit beneath their fingernails and disease in their faces. She tells them love. She sees her reflection in the shop window and hikes up her skirt and pulls her sweater tight then closes her eyes and listens to her heart bump-bump-bump behind her ribs and she imagines herself naked on the roadside and it begins to rain. She has friends in the Village and they paint paintings of carnivals and mountains together and burn their smoke and watch scooby-DOOBIE!-do then they burn their paintings and burn other people's paintings and listen to jazz and talk about jazz and talk about listening to jazz beside all the fire. She bought a bone flute on the corner of Houston from Cristine-Philippine the working girl with stretchy melons who takes seven customers a day and seven more a night and over a hundred a week in the summertime. She shows Yoko how to perform fellatio with the bone flute inside a pizzeria as the Italians watch and they both practice with their lips and get drunk on some Loisaida cocktails and chew the lime wedges for the vitamin C. Cristine says COCK to a cop handing out parking tickets in the dark and they stagger across the street blindly to a cab and one of them breaks a heel and the other is barefooted and they talk about the Empire State Building and they talk about jumping off and they fall on their knees and drop lose debris in the road that rolls into the gutter as they sing scooby-DOOBIE!-do to the boys in the alley cooking and watching and laughing and Yoko pulls up her skirt and feels her heart bump-bump-bump and tells them Dadadada.

Adam's writing has appeared or is forthcoming in Underground Voices, decomP, Red Fez, DOGZPLOT, Titular, insolent rudder, Ducts, among other places. He is also a contributor to the Nashville Scene and the Huffington Post. He lives in Brooklyn and works in publishing. Find him here: http://adam-m.synthasite.com.