break & cappadocia

Audri Sousa


day of the satellite launch

take your fucking self-help to-do list and with these

make grain

to taste

a remedy for the new hemisphere

it's been due

there is so much room for horses between your spaces

room for metal where you walked on bone

where loose phantoms wait electric

in dim pregnance to get at the organs of it

they are mine unsafe in my onion

ribbons of all our form

beckoned back vacuumed like night mishaps

all you have convinced you is yours

you've got the wrong cassavetes

i can't stomach itinerary

can't lung bergamot

so many little deaths against glass

i stop counting stop wishing them

a better incarnation

because they worked hard

won't let you

give up your ghost in my bed

i watch them devour layers with teeth

the ribbons released and sorry

a lake becomes us

palau : where there rebuilt freshwater empires

where there evolved neon jellyfish

stingless, without distance

like sun and moon

and if the satellite explodes

then we'll go for coffee

then we'll all scatter

later find camera parts in topiary

                              in cranberry

                              like when we're shy together

keep the white mountains potted in my dashboard

they grow toward knowing

they want so much

they are not cloud

little summits everyday


it was a nude machine in tilt


in cappadocia

pills drowned in copper wine

or kneaded or sewn

because we were guilty enough

to eke out rose water & mary

from the locals

departure sign & relic beneath

all plumes

dribbled on by the mouths of god

the stranger considers electric moons

through cardboard glasses

remembers the salty book

the seedless wake

seulement les sourdes peuvent

entendre la chanson de la mer

though the body rejects its poison

the tree heals her season

by fragrances karmic with foresight

& all around it so youngly

creased were

gulf streams

once in soil the pills sprouted

like cappadocia

stranger things have been

audri sousa is a californian recluse with a sudoku addiction. she needs caffeine in the morning and adderall at night. her work has appeared in transfer magazine and is forthcoming in word riot.