A Map of the House

Shome Dasgupta

Room 1:
sits in the closet,
with the lights
turned off, puffing
on cigarettes and
blowing smoke into
his mother's shoebox.
He ties a blouse around
his mouth and coughs.

Jonathan studies in the backyard, counting
the blades of grass to help solve algebraic
equations due the next day. He can't figure
out why oranges equal apples, and he hates fruits.

                                 Bathroom 2:
                                 Jupiter is drinking out
                                 of the toilet.

                  Living Room:                                     Office
                  Jerry stares at the television
                  set in the living room. He hides
                  underneath the center table
                  hoping Ma won't tell him to clean
                  off the caterpillar eggs glued to the
                  fence. He's scared of death.

Parent's Bedroom:
Jesse Sr. and Julie
are arguing.

              Bathroom 1

              Dining Room              Kitchen

Jason lies in bed
with the lights on and
with his eyes open;
he thinks about
Vanessa and wonders
why she never says
hello. He imagines
her breasts and
sticks his hand in his
pants. He uses his
neighbor's toolbox;
he despises his

Jess—Jess is in the garage, drinking Regular Unleaded from his father's truck. He wishes himself dead.*

*His brothers will find him the next morning before they go to school. They will all miss class that day.

                                                                                                                            W    E

Shome Dasgupta received an MFA in Creative Writing from Antioch University-Los Angeles. His fiction and poetry have appeared in print and online journals, including Word Riot, Cafe Irreal, Magma Poetry, Chickasaw Plum, MeadoW, DiddleDog, Gertrude Press, Sylvan Echo, and Shelf Life Magazine. Forthcoming publications include appearances in Dogzplot and Mud Luscious. He is a regular contributor to The Footnote.