Barter & Avenue

J. Michael Wahlgren


In the poem "Lucifer"
on line 37, the quote
"your teeth
are happy caskets
waiting" is borrowed
from somebody's
muse, with


As if you are a balloon on the slippery
figment fingers of the girl's blues;

thin as a vinaigrette,

She plays                         

the triangle too (a hypotenuse of radical two)
but who's counting

these days, countdown to holiday pay?

She plays                         

the harmonica too (a toy one but beside
the point): achy bone structures

fading down the avenue,

She plays.                         

J. Michael Wahlgren is the author of two chapbooks: Chariots of Flame (2007) & Pre-elixir (2008) both on Maverick Duck Press & the full-length poetry collection Silent Actor (BeWrite, 2008). He was influenced early on by the fiction of Hermann Hesse. He resides in Boston, Ma where he edits Gold Wake Press.